Frozen Image and lost activity

I have a recuurent and repeated problem. The Image freezes and it appears the next message: “Zwift doesn´t respond”. I must close the app in my laptop because I have 2 options: 1-To close 2- Waiting to the Zwift response but it never happens.
I must close and open again and start again from zero and my race or workouts are lost.
Do you have any solution???
I have windows 10 and intel core i7. It´s a new laptop.
Thanks in advance and hopeful to solve this problem.

What sort of trainer are you using? And how are you connecting (Bluetooth/ANT+)? Is this a new issue? Are all of your devices up-to-date with firmware and software?

This is what happened to me yesterday, and I was using Zwift on a MacBook Pro and a Saris M2 smart trainer. Eventually, I was able to fix the .fit file by stripping the date and time codes, and then re-encoding the proper date and time code, and then uploading the file into Strava. If I didn’t do that, the upload would fail, with the error being, “the file is malformed and cannot be processed.”

I use Wahoo kickr core and using Ant+ connection. All my devices are updated and my pc is intel core i7 10th generation.

I am having the same issue. Frozen image and “zwift not responding” message. I’m using a new Lenovo laptop (windows 10 with 8 gb RAM) on bluetooth with kinetic r1 trainer. Have tried Ant+, updating drivers, elevating laptop to prevent overheating, uninstall/reinstalled windows, uninstalled reinstalled zwift app, but nothing helps. Can run on old laptop and ipad with no issues but the new laptop freezes…sometimes within the first 10 minutes and sometimes after 3 one hour rides…very random. Freezes while in “watching” mode also. Have been a Zwifter for many years and dont want to jump to fulgaz or rouvy or bkool but if I cant get zwift running I’m going to see if this issue occurs on other platforms. Please help.

In all likelihood, this has nothing to do with the trainer.

It seems an issue that popped up recently, as there are (admittingly, a few) similar posts here. But than again, it may just be coincidence.

Am unaware of cause/solution - but would join the regular recommendation of keeping everything updated.

If you have an Intel GPU it is a common issue (search forum). Many new laptops use Intel iGPU nowadays
Try update your drivers - seems to help sometimes.

What kind of drivers??
Is it a problem from windows, intel, graphics, Ram…? My laptop is new, Intel core 7 and 10th generation Asus.
It´s strange…

Graphics driver.

I’m having the same issue on a new laptop. I took the advice of Zwift to check my graphics drivers and they are all current as far as I can find. I haven’t found a solution to the problem and Zwift has stopped responding to the support e-mails.

If you have an Intel integrated GPU - Zwift knows about the issues. But I am not sure if and when you can expect a solution.

Communication with support - this is another story. I believe it depends also on the person answering, there are better and worse ones (well, this is common). But it is definitely frustrating and for (paying!) customers not acceptable.

@Eric - I understand it is not easy (not possible) to make everyone happy, but the support is really not what your customers expect. I personally have no issues, but reading the postings here is sad story.

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