Zwift Not Responding/Freezing

Im having an issue with Zwift not responding. I can hear the game but the screen freezes. The situation has got so bad I cant use Zwift as it crashes every ride - sometime 20 minutes into a ride or an hour. I’m on a new laptop and Zwift worked fine for the first month but did freeze occasionally. I came across advice to disable Video Screenshots which I’m trying to do but the laptop freezes when I select the OK button after selecting ‘disable’. All drivers are updated and I’m not aware of any internet issues. Hoping to get help here. Thanks!

Hmm that’s bad. I would first try a clean reinstallation of the game, then try again to turn off video screenshots, and if that fails contact support.

Hi Dan,

In addition to what Paul recommended, I’d recommend checking and updating your drivers. Cause sometimes with new laptops can sit on a store shelf or in a warehouse for a while, and have outdated drivers.

You can update your drivers by following the steps in our ZwiftApp Crashing guide.

I had this issue 2 days ago. It wouldnt go psst the find devices page and just became unresponsive .
Did an uninstall and new download .
Turns out it was the Ant+ driver.
Somehow , it had been deleted.
So new driver uploaded and worked fine.