Zwift freezing and losing ANT (Win 10)

After the latest update my Zwift is constantely freezing after a few minutes, maybe due to internet ping issues (even though youtube or netflix are never affected). Hardware probably is not guilty (r290x) because the game does not bottleneck it.

Problem is that even before the screen actually freezes (sometimes it doesnt even freeze the screen at all) it loses all ANT connections and never connects again unless I exit zwift (if it did not totally freeze) or unless I logoff and logon Windows again if Zwift freezes and I atttempt closing it via task manager.

I am not being able to finish my workouts since the update which is VERY frustrating.

Is there a solution for this bug?

Sorry to hear this Fernando! Can you send us a support conversation along with your log files so we can get a detailed look at what might be going wrong?

Support Conversation:
How to find log files: