"zwift not resopnding" on start up and freezes within minutes of launching

I cant find any reason my laptop should not be able to run zwift. Something happened with the last update regarding windows machines. There is some type of microsoft file zwift needs which isn’t being installed.

Hi @scott_carroll

It looks like you’ve written in to Zwift support for help regarding this matter, and best I can tell is that we’ve requested log files from you, but have yet to receive them.

It would also be helpful if you include your Windows Event Viewer (e.g. EVTX) crash logs as well. For info on how to send them, please see this article.

I’ll also have your support request moved over to our Tier 2 tech support team and we’ll continue working to assist you. Thanks!

Having the same issue. Zwift was running fine before this “update” Now the moment i start a ride the entire application freezes up forcing me to reboot the system. Tried multiple times now and cannot get my training done.

I wish i had known before as i have two hours of training to get done and thats looking like its not happening.

same here…

this is so frustrating, everything was working properly before the update. as soon as I loaded back up after the update, it just constantly freezes on a black screen. Reinstalled 3 times including trying to run as admin and restarting everything. damn it

Here it might be solved here by connecting ANT stick to another USB port.
It seems that it froze only in the initial pairing screen, the antenna symbol was only slowly flashing. Pulled ANT stick, everything was ok. Proceeded to game, everything ok. Then changed usb port, ANT worked again in the pair screen.
Tried everything before: rebooting, re install, nothing helped.
I could not tell if BT might behave in a similar way.

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Hi @Sean_Lee3259

Not sure if your issue is the same, but it seems other Zwifters were able to resolve “black screen” issues on this other Forums thread.

Maybe give those suggestions a try?