Mr Steve Bushell

(Steve Bushell) #1

Hi I’m trying to use Zwift for the first time starting with the free trial, my Trax Vortex trainer and Ant+ both connect but then i just keep getting a message saying Zwift not responding when clicking continue to leave the page. I have windows 10 on my laptop the spec of the laptop and internet connection are fine. Please can you help i tried reloading the software which was unsuccessful.

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #2

Can you pair your trainer inside Zwift or is the program not opening?

(Steve Bushell) #3

Hi, it pairs up ok but after I hit the ok button it just says Zwift not responding please wait but the page never changes.

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #4

Did you remove the program from your pc and tried a fresh install? Maybe something went wrong with the new update and fresh install.

In some cases it can take a while for the program to load. But if it’s longer than 2 mins it’s not ok.

You should be able to reach the game when you hit Just watch. If that doesn’t work it has nothing to do with your trainer. 

Try a fresh install.

(Steve Bushell) #5

That’s great thanks for your help, I’ve got it working now.

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #6

Good to hear you’ve got Zwift working. See you on the zwift roads! :wink: