Zwift Not responding (new user)

Hello there. New user here always gettin Zwift is not responding when I hit the “just ride” button or the “join” button near someone. I can pair up all my ANT devices all ok before hand all ok, character created all ok; height, weight added all ok.

Ive unstalled/ reinstalled program. Ive redownloaded new client and re updated. Have updated my Nvidia 770 drivers and rebooted and still get “Zwift not responding”. I hope ive put this post in correct place. Attached is my dxdiag log.

Thanks for any help as Im so lookinf forward to this.

Hi Barry,

Please submit a ticket request if you’re having trouble getting Zwift working with your equipment and we can help you out!


I didnt see an option to “submit a ticket” on this site. The only thing close is “Submit a request” & I wasnt sure what that meant so Ill go there now. Thank you.

The same thing happened to my system. Everything works and the even the current standings and the rider list show up but the scenery environment and I as a rider do not load. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks