Zwift Not responding (new user)

(Barry McKee) #1

Hello there. New user here always gettin Zwift is not responding when I hit the “just ride” button or the “join” button near someone. I can pair up all my ANT devices all ok before hand all ok, character created all ok; height, weight added all ok.

Ive unstalled/ reinstalled program. Ive redownloaded new client and re updated. Have updated my Nvidia 770 drivers and rebooted and still get “Zwift not responding”. I hope ive put this post in correct place. Attached is my dxdiag log.

Thanks for any help as Im so lookinf forward to this.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Barry,

Please submit a ticket request if you’re having trouble getting Zwift working with your equipment and we can help you out!


(Barry McKee) #3

I didnt see an option to “submit a ticket” on this site. The only thing close is “Submit a request” & I wasnt sure what that meant so Ill go there now. Thank you.

(Fast Mamajama) #4

The same thing happened to my system. Everything works and the even the current standings and the rider list show up but the scenery environment and I as a rider do not load. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks