Zwift not responding April 30 2021

I have spent the last hour and 20 minutes trying to log into zwift. Each time I connect it says Not Responding. I have uninstalled and reinstalled zwift twice and it is still not working, I am getting no response from zwift support other than they are really busy and will get back to me. I am using a windows computer which I have been using for years with zwift with no problem. I rode yesterday with no issues. Now all of a sudden it doesn’t work. It would be really nice to get some support when I have an issue.

Hi @Dee_1K2GO, welcome to the forums. Is it the launcher that is giving you issues? Are you getting errors like the ones described here:


I’m finding it super slow to connect through Companion right now too.

Edit - and the main Zwift app. Nothing showing at

Looks like a problem with the login servers perhaps?

I wasn’t connecting through companion just on my computer and it won’t connect at all for me

I cleared cookies and it didn’t fix the problem.

Mine is working fine again now, for what it’s worth.

Mine just started working as well. Ugh. Now to work off some stress. Thanks for the help. Ride on.

At least you know it wasn’t just you. Probably some sort of glitch with the login servers. Good that you’re in now.

Hi, on 1st May I was able to log into zwift, but would hang up launching into the world for the selected ride. I also got a error 502 as well once.
On win 10 laptop with Edge, no IE installed.
Cleared the cache, cookies, but didn’t work.
Turned off Ble no change.
Uninstalled/reinstalled Zwift no change.
Checked IE not installed.

Followed the guidance from @Dave_ZPCMR using Internet options to delete browsing history, all apart from “preserve favourite website data”.
This seems to work, but need to repeat if I shut down the laptop. So a work around till Zwift fix. Thanks Dave, as v frustrating when the tech let’s you down.


Hi Mike,
I have exactly the same issue. Since 30/04, when zwift is loading the world selected (watopia for example) nothing happened … loading and Zwift is more responding. (no special errors). I have the impression that I have this problem since the last Zwift update …
I followed your workaround. First time after deleted cookies on MS edge (Version 89.0.774.77) and resinstalling Zwift I was able to use it again.
But yesterday same issue. I only deleted cookies and I was able to use Zwift.
I hope that everything will work correctly next time …
Let me know if you need more info on my case.