Zwift updates each time I load the software

(Chris Holton) #1

Each time I open Zwift it says it needs to apply an update, it seems to be stuck in a loop.

Has anyone else had this?

I was going to try uninstalling and reinstalling but didn’t want to lose everything - if i did do this would everything be as normal when i log in?

(Ales Susnik [VISION] (B)) #2

Have you tried running Zwift in administrator mode?

(Chris Holton) #3

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it worked ok this morning so i’ll see how i get on tomorrow

(Ian Chadwick ) #4

I’m having the same problem Chris, except I can’t log in either. Been waiting for Zwift Support to get back to me since the 4th Dec.
I’ve re-installed, tried as Administrator, etc but no luck.

(M. Murphy) #5

They did have back to back updates, think they coincided with companion app changes—especially since they have ride data FINALLY available. Bet the servers are working harder by saving and forwarding all those graphs now!