Support ticket slow responses/no responses?

Has anyone that raised a ticket recently had a quick response? I raised a ticket nearly 7 days ago and not had a reply. As well as no reply to a direct email prior to that.

Just wondering how long I wait before submitting again. It seems the best approach with Zwift support is keep pestering them in the hope they might do something.

I have never actually had to submit a support ticket, but I have seen it mentioned here a number of times that each time you inquire about your issue you get moved to the bottom of the queue, as though it is a new request. So, it might be best to let it just fester for a bit and see if they get back to you. (Though I would still expect that it might take a while, as the support does seem generally, um, ‘lacking’.)

However, if you have an issue with something you might want to post it here and see if any other users might be able to assist.

it’s more an outstanding request than an issue as such so i’ll let it fester for a bit. Whats another couple months waiting. Just frustrating with the lacks of updates or even acknowledgement.

I think that frustration is felt across the Zwift user-base. I think improvements in that area might be appreciated even more than new virtual tarmac!