Support responses, more than 5 days and counting....

I love Zwift, but people, over 5 days with no response to a support request is problematic. I used TrainerRoad for years, and never had to wait more than a few hours to a day. 

Hi George,

Where did you submit this request? I see only three tickets under this account, all of them closed and resolved. The latest was from April 13th.

Do you have the ticket number available?

Submitted August 6th on the Zwift support hub and even added this attachment. Saw no ticket number

Hi George,

How did you submit this? If it was through our ticketing system on our website:

then there would be a number and it would be in our system. Without it? I’m not sure where it went or who you sent it to…

@George - I checked our system and see that we just received a support request from you, so our team will get on that right away. Thanks for submitting a ticket!

Ride On.