waiting for a response

Hi…not wanting to whinge (or at least not too loudly) but about 9 or 10 days ago I put in a ticket +log data describing total computer freezing when using Zwift…mostly workouts but also just riding.  Nothing works and I just have to shut the computer down (+ swear and stamp around!)

Since sending the ticket I’ve checked that my computer has enough grunt (it does) and that the server speed is good…it is.  I’ve also uninstalled and re-installed  far too many times…

 So now I’m just waiting for your help as it is sooooo frustrating to be part way through a workout and have the whole thing shut down…

please help!


Liz R

Hi Liz,

We sent you a response that same day (the 19th) and never heard back from you. The ticket auto-closed after sending a reminder email that we had not heard back 2 days later on the 21st.

Perhaps you did not see them or they got caught in our spam folder but we did respond. If you can reply, it will open the ticket back up. Currently, as it is closed, we cannot re-open it as this is a system function.

I’m hesitant to create a new ticket from this post since I don’t know if our support ticket system gets auto-tagged as spam by your email provider.

hmm…wonder where they got to!? are you able to retrieve yr answer or should I re-send the log data?


Hi Liz,

Try sending a new ticket with the relevant log data. I’ll respond to it immediately to see if you get it.

FYI: I just sent a response.

Hi Eric…I’ve received messages from you to say you’ve sent a response, but nothing to explain the issue or it’s cure…am I missing something?

Hi Liz,

I am just testing to make sure that you received it. I’m going to look into the issue tomorrow as it’s 1am in my current time zone.