Support is non-existent

(michael) #1

After raising a support ticket a week ago I’ve had zero support or meaningful contact.

(Richard) #2

I think non-existent is an exaggeration. However, I see your point as my experience is comparable.

I’ve found the following to be “normal” support.

First response to the created ticket usually comes in 24-36 hours (not including weekends) but this is commonly a generic response and asks for more information and log files. Often there’s some simple advice in the first response too (ensure latest drivers, latest version of Zwift, etc, etc)

When you respond to the request for more info it can take a long time for the next response from Zwift. I’ve often waited 5 or 6 days and once it was two weeks.

It’s not ideal and it’s not the service a paying subscriber might expect to receive. But, 9/10 times the issues do get resolved. I think some expectation management on Zwift’s part would go a long way with regards to how support works and turn around times.

(Jason) #3

I heard something the other day that was an ah-ha moment for me at work “obsess over your clients”.

(Vincent) #4

Our apologies for the delay @michael_ruddy! We’ve since responded to your ticket, let us know when you get a chance to see it!

(michael) #5

I’ve seen your response:

  • we’re busy
  • we don’t know what’s wrong
  • we’re passing it to an even smaller team
  • they take even longer to respond

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #6

What is the issue, maybe the user base can assist you in resolving it.