Support is crap

So, I cant use my zwift membership until zwift sort their ■■■■ into one )*(&%^^%0 sock.
I’ve tried to contact zwift support but they don’t work Mon - Fri…and have weekends off…
I’ll bet if I wanted to buy something from them they’d be all over me. But since I’m a member and now have a problem they don’t want to help…over the last 2 weeks i’ve put in 3 queries.
Until they get off their arses I can’t use my zwift membership.
Anyone else have probs with ZWIFT NON-support???

Actually the response time would be the same whether you wanted to buy something or not. They respond based on who has been waiting the longest. I think I read somewhere if you keep replying to a support ticket (or whatever) you go to the back of the line because it counts how long since you last sent them something.

If you want some help with something then there is a chance the group of experienced zwifters here can help you.

Have you searched the forums for topics that relate to your issue?

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cheers mate, however this is a membership thing…I got a message telling my free miles were up??? huh?? but I’m a member and have been for like 3 years. and still current until end of may this year. its asking me to join up!!!..… so hence I need to chat with someone at membership.
But cheers for offer thanks mate.


If you’ve been a member for 3 years, have you checked that the credit card that the repeat payment is taken from hasn’t expired and that payments are still being or have been being taken. I experienced a similar issue when my card expired.