Zwift support not working?

Hi I was wondering if or how many other users are having problems with the Zwift support. I have been having issues and have been emailing for 4 days without any replies. I have been directed to use the forum which I joined yesterday. I have immediately received help and advice which is great :+1: but I still have no fix to the problem and am unable to use the subscription that I pay for.

How common is it that the Zwift team are not of much help or slow to act? This is the first time I have experienced this kind of issue in two years of use. Has anyone else been in the same position.

It seems they are very hard to get hold of. Chat is offline. Emails are unanswered and when I have tried to call it goes to message asking me to leave a contact number. I leave one To then be told that they can not reply to this phone number?

Opening multiple threads is not helpful. There is currently hundreds of questions asked.

Lets keep the other thread going.

Zwift does read the forum.

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