Top marks to the Support Team

Just a quick thanks to the various people in the Support Team who have addressed my problems with a 6th generation iPad continually booting me out from the programme … Whilst my problems remain unresolved (although following an iOS update yesterday to 13.2.3 there may be hope!) the Team has been excellent in their detailed responses and attempts to get me back Zwifting. Chapeau chaps and chapesses!

So, I cant use my zwift membership until zwift sort their ■■■■ into one )*(&%^^%0 sock.
I’ve tried to contact zwift support but they don’t work Mon - Fri…and have weekends off…
I’ll bet if I wanted to buy something from them they’d be all over me. But since I’m a member and now have a problem they don’t want to help…over the last 2 weeks i’ve put in 3 queries.
Until they get off their arses I can’t use my zwift membership.
Anyone else have probs with ZWIFT NON-support?