Zwift freezes for minutes

(Sven Fessler) #1

since todays update zwift freezes while riding, that the picture freezes for minutes. I am running swift on macbook with a I7 2,3 GHz and 16GB RAM 10.11.02 and an SSD so the recource shouldn#t be a problem . Did never had this problem before. using a Taxc Neo. Alrady restarted the sytem but the error occured twice again.

(Bjoern P. - RC Herpersdorf 1919) #2

I experience the same issues on very similar HW. 

(John Larson (LAPT)) #3

My system did that too. Then I noticed that my anti-virus started doing an update.

Since then, I make sure the AV update is turned off when I run Zwift, and have had no problems since.

(Chris Milliman WBR) #4

same, this morning it froze, completely, 3 times in 20 minutes.

(Stephane Guay (Qc-ZRT)) #5

Pairing a Tacx ANT+ FE-C trainer may occasionally cause Zwift to freeze. This may happen immediately after pairing or during a ride. If the game freezes, it is likely to do so for an extended period of time; we’ve observed this behavior continuing for up to 10 minutes.

It’s possible Zwift may recover from the freeze and resume, but we’ve also observed it continuing indefinitely.

Our development team is actively investigating this issue, and we’ll update this post when we have more information. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we get this sorted!


(Yishai Fransis) #6

I have the same issue. I can send you the log file if helpful. I think it is due to network latency issue (i looked at the log file) but up to the last update i never had issue when zwift is completely stuck…


(Ian Donohoe MTB) #7

Every time I start Zwift it takes between 5 - 8 mins just to get to the login dialog box.  Up until then all I get is a white screen where the login should be.  After that it runs ok.  I’m wondering if anyone else has the same problem or has a fix?  My machine is good enough e.g Win 10, gtx 980 graphics, 16 gig ram i5 processor.




Hey Ian

I will start a ticket for you for upper tier Zwift to investigate a solution to your problem. They will contact you momentarily.

Ride On!