Zwift freezing/crashing 😤

Hello Zwifters!
I’m having a bit of a nightmare…
I’ve been using Zwift for about 6 weeks and it’s been great. But over the last week it’s started crashing almost every ride, I haven’t changed anything - same laptop, same turbo, same ANT+ dongle, same WiFi network…everything.
I got 20ishK into a ride last night and it crashed and about 17 this morning and the same thing.
I can’t work out why at all, and as you can imagine I’m getting very little sympathy at home! It’s a real first world issue but I’m sure you chaps at least will understand how annoying it is! :triumph:
Any ideas?

Try switching to Windowed Mode and see if tha helps.

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WIthout wanting to sound like a right eejit - what is windowed mode? Is that not what you use to view it on another screen?

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If you go into the Zwift menu>Settings you will see an option for Full Screen or Windowed Mode, try switching it to Windowed Mode.

Also, you might want to drop the graphics (if possible) within the Settings.

I’m sorry to hear of this issue and for any annoyance it has caused you! First, I’d recommend checking out our support article on crashing. Typically, when Zwift crashes it’s caused by outdated graphic drivers. If that doesn’t help, please submit a support request and attach your log files so we can look into this further. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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