Zwift crashing and grinding to a halt when pedaling

My game just crashed while i was warming up with a robo-pacer, and there’s no reason for it other than it being a zwift issue.

I restarted the game and as soon as i start to pedal, everything freezes, 60 fps goes to 2 seconds per frame and invisible riders.
As soon as i stop pedaling zwift works again…

This issue also shows when i go to pairing screen, game freezes until it’s arrived in the main menu where it works just fine.
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling without any luck.

What is going on here?
This started after latest update.


So i just tested a bit, unplugged BT, still unresponsive zwift.
changed to companion app in zwift, still unresponsive.
Unplugged Ant+, everything is fine.

Seems like the latest update may have corrupted my ant+ driver somehow.
I guess i can just reinstall that and try again :slight_smile: