Weird Pausing/Resumption Happening

The last 4 or 5 times I’ve used Zwift I get these very brief pauses on the screen.
Everything appears to freeze from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds, and when it unpauses, my avatar has continued on his way just as if nothing happened.

Looking at the analysis of the rides, no power dropouts happen, cadence is fine and so on.
I’ve done all the typical IT stuff with uninstalling/reinstalling.
Updating whatever needed to be updated and so on.

If I am riding with a group of people though, it does appear that I lose touch with them for a moment, as they have moved further on the screen than I have.
This is going to make racing a wee bit harder if it continues.
Anyone else have an issue like this? If so, how was it resolved - if it was resolved?

PC/Win10/AMD Radeon RX580/Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core CPU, 40gig RAM.
I play a looooot of games and have zero issues with them, nor had I had any issues with Zwift until recently. Nothing on my machine had changed before the issue started.


Are you sure that you haven’t had a graphics driver update recently?

I have, and i’ve installed it. When that didn’t resolve the issue; I uninstalled every last bit of driver, zwift etc and reinstalled everything fresh. Rode this evening, same issue.

Drop your log files into and see what that reports.

And did you try reverting the graphics driver to an older version? It sounds like you’re saying it has been updated recently, so there’s a chance that’s messed things up somehow.

It happens with both drivers, before update, after update, revert and fresh install.

Neat site.
No signal drops, typical FPS drops… nothing out of the ordinary.
Weird indeed.

Still having this issue and still haven’t found out why it’s happening or how to fix it.
I can run all my games and have zero issues (BFV, Wreckfest, Overwatch, FM21, PCM20 etc).
I’m pretty handy with tech, and went back through and did all the typical IT tech stuff.

Any new information since Feb?

For what it’s worth - turning my graphics from Ultra (which I NEVER had a problem with before) to Med, and the issues stops. :confused: