GPU issues

Hi windows 10 laptop, 8gb ram. SSD, i5 7k series processor.

Ran zwift fine for a year or so but recently its
become unusablee. I’ve lowered settings to Low resolution but doesn’t really help.

Uses a intel HD graphics 620 GPU 1000mb which is inside the minimum specified for Standard.

Tried windowed and full screen mode.

Uninstalled and reinstalled, updated all intel drivers. Deleted all 400 activities from activities folder to see if that helps.

Don’t really have funds to drop another £350 on a new iPad and I use HR+power meter+tacx neo2t which prevents an Apple TV option.

Anything more I can do, zwiftalizer showed I’m getting avg 5 to 9 FPS.

Latest version of Zwift?

Pair via the Companion app or get an ANT+ to BLE bridge (i.e., Viiiiva HRM, NPE Cable) to use w/an Apple TV

That’s an option but means buying another device, ideally I’d work out why my laptop within recommended reqs wont work properly. I have an ipad air 1 which also works (sometimes crashes) but thats also not great.

I hear you and can totally understand. Maybe @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ can be of more help. He seems to be on top of PC specs and issues more so than myself. I switched ecosystems a while back and have lost touch with the PC/windows world.

Do the recent issues occur when riding solo or when riding large group rides like TdZ or both?

Normally Zwift should run on your laptop.
Intel iGPU is far from ideal though.

A gaming PC (even a used or older one) is the best option for Zwift.
I’d look for sth like that on your second-hand platform of choice.
A i5 Haswell with 8GB and a Nvidia GTX960 oder 970 should be 150$

I use a i5-3470 with 8GB and a GTX750Ti and it works fine.

It occurs on solo rides, im trying more intel drivers see if that helps.

It should work fine on Low resolution, im more about training than the graphics to be fair so just want something that works basic. Which it did recently. I did a novatech benchmark and got 19fps, zwiftalizer says 5 to 8 ish.