Choppy graphics

(David) #1

Ok, It has been at least 3 weeks that I have dealt with the choppy graphics that seem to happen every 3-6 seconds on any ride and any graphics settings. It has now become totally obnoxious and quite frankly irritating as #@$%. I know $14 per month isn’t much to some, but to me it is something I make sure I put aside to be able to ride.

I have been here as a beta tester when it was first getting started, but now seriously considering moving on to Trainer road.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Ok, what are the specs of the device you are running Zwift on?
Are all drivers up to date?

(David) #3

HP LAPTOP intel core 2.7 ghz

Windows home 64 bit

8g ram

Intel HD graphics 620

Dave Hewes

(David) #4

Works fine on my 10 year old Mac Pro.

Dave Hewes

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #5

That’s pretty low end, but should be able to run Zwift without being choppy.

Could be a program running in the background or the OS just needs a fresh install.

(Lin) #6


Check the Task Manager to see what is eating CPU, Memory, and/or Network resources.

(Dave) #7

Try drag/drop your Log.txt file into It will show you your resolution, CPU, frame rates, and communication details for internet, ANT+, and BT.

I thought I had a super high end laptop, but discovered it was only average at 12 frames/sec at 1080p.
Using the site’s recommendations, I purchased computer and graphics upgrades to the level I wanted and could afford.