Choppy graphics

Ok, It has been at least 3 weeks that I have dealt with the choppy graphics that seem to happen every 3-6 seconds on any ride and any graphics settings. It has now become totally obnoxious and quite frankly irritating as #@$%. I know $14 per month isn’t much to some, but to me it is something I make sure I put aside to be able to ride.

I have been here as a beta tester when it was first getting started, but now seriously considering moving on to Trainer road.

Ok, what are the specs of the device you are running Zwift on?
Are all drivers up to date?

HP LAPTOP intel core 2.7 ghz

Windows home 64 bit

8g ram

Intel HD graphics 620

Dave Hewes

Works fine on my 10 year old Mac Pro.

Dave Hewes

That’s pretty low end, but should be able to run Zwift without being choppy.

Could be a program running in the background or the OS just needs a fresh install.

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Check the Task Manager to see what is eating CPU, Memory, and/or Network resources.

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Try drag/drop your Log.txt file into It will show you your resolution, CPU, frame rates, and communication details for internet, ANT+, and BT.

I thought I had a super high end laptop, but discovered it was only average at 12 frames/sec at 1080p.
Using the site’s recommendations, I purchased computer and graphics upgrades to the level I wanted and could afford.

I had same issue. Fixed by ensuring ANT+ connection was operating and connected to cadence sensor. Problem existed when trainer was connected to Bluetooth only. I have 6 year old Mac Mini.

Can you tell me how you did that? I don’t seem to be able to turn bluetooth off…although based on what I can see I’m farily confident everything’s connecing through ANT+…