Zwift crashing in game

OK that should be adequate. Some other things you can try:

  1. Disable OneDrive and all Cloud sync services that manage the Documents directory. Zwift uses the Documents directory for application data. (Yes this is bad but it’s how it is.)
  2. Turn off any anti-virus software other than Microsoft Defender
  3. Terminate any applications running on the laptop other than Zwift. This could include things you started, or things that started automatically at boot time.
  4. Check for Windows updates, install any required updates and reboot.
  5. Find an alternate video driver package. For example if you have Intel integrated graphics in the laptop, try the video driver obtained from the Intel website if it’s different from what you got from Microsoft or the laptop manufacturer.

You can also contact Zwift support and ask them to analyze the game log file. They will probably tell you to try most of the things I mentioned so you may as well do those things before you bother contacting support.