Windows Zwift crashing since last update

Since installing the last update I have now had two crashes in the middle of races where the screen seems to briefly freeze and then the application closes without any error messages. The first time was about 25 minutes into a 100Km race on Saturday (I did subsequently join another race after the crash which I completed without further problems) and again today 20 minutes into a shorter race. This is my first month with Zwift, but in the first 2 weeks before the update I completed several races without any similar problems.

The hardware is an Acer Predator laptop with a NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card with the latest NVidia drivers and an Intel i7 CPU. I can’t seem to find the application installed in either Program Files directory so I haven’t been able to look for any logs that might have been created.

Has anybody else encountered issues since the update and/or in the Android version more stable ?

Thanks in advance,
Donald Munro

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