Zwift Crashing during Rides / Races - early on

Longtime zwift user - recently zwift has been crashing in every race or ride

I thought I solved it by reinstalling the application as it worked after the last reinstall on March 12th - but today it crashed again 4 times in a row

I updated grpahics drivers and it continued to crash

I am on a widows PC
Core i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz - 8GB
GeForce GTX 770

Game version 1.23.3
Launcher 1.1.2

I have run the log files from the last 4 crashes through zweift analyser 2.0 but I do not know how to interpret them.
I tried to link them here but when I hit create topic it said I could not attach links?

As you can imagine it is very frustrating. Can anyone help? Or suggest where I can go to for help reading these files please