Windows 10 20H2, Nvidia 1060, Constant Crashing

Hi, Last night 24/11/20 4 crashes in a row. I was on a custom workout on France.

Decided a complete wipe and reinstall of my computer. So it’s fresh, zwift downloaded installed and updated, latest nvidia game ready driver installed. I then loaded zwift, didnt pair any devices and just sat my rider on the line in a free ride in france and went to bed. Hoping he would still be there when I woke up.

Unfortunately zwift crashed again.

I have uploaded my log files to google drive here: edit, can’t include links on a forum post

:frowning: How can i share these?

4 folders. The activities folder, the zwift log folder, the CrashLog folder as directed to upload by zwift support and my event logs showing 2 events that was the crash and a final text file showing all events around the crash.

I hope this helps and an issues / bug can be found.

Many thanks

I’ve made a tiny URL pointing to my google drive share: tinyurl . com/y6lxvyl8 copy and paste, remove the spaces before and after the . in the address.

Apologies if this is not allowed, please let me know how I can share the large amount of logs.

Support told you to post the files here??? That seems odd. Surely they asked you to send them to Zwift Support?

Anyway, I had a look at your latest log file (log.txt) and chucked it onto Zwiftalizer - you have loads of network errors, however I suspect that is a symptom of other issues rather than the cause. Someone here may be able to decipher your crash logs to put some light onto this. Here’s the snip of that log - others here may be able to comment on this (FPS seem low for that GPU for example, but that could depend who/how many were riding near at the time etc):

That’s because they’ve got no idea what the problem is, so they’re hoping the community will sort it. Getting pretty ■■■■■■■ tedious to be honest.

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Thanks Dean. No they didn’t say to post here. Sorry, I was just saying that was the log file from the event viewer that zwift ask you to extract.

FPS is usually a solid 60. I think that’s low as France map is busy and I left the avatar at a start point.

My profile is High rather than Ultra, not sure why it mentions Ultra.

Computer is lan connected rather than wifi. I’d say my connection is good.

High in this context is 1080p, the resolution you’ve chosen in the settings menu. Ultra is the detail level automatically selected by Zwift based on your GPU. The 1060 3GB gets Ultra.

There are some definite issues with performance on the latest update, which seems worse in windowed mode. Try using full screen and see if it’s better. Still shouldn’t crash though.

Cheers Dave.

I’ve got down to 720p, back on France and sat on the line. Will see how long it stays alive.

I’ve had the PC on a stress testing app all day, i’m confident it’s a solid system.

Heh, there’s nothing like Zwift for stress testing. Mentioned it before on here but I’ve used all manner of stress testing software out there to try and confirm CPU overclock stability, over hours and hours. Then had Zwift crash the system within minutes.

Yeah, i’m not sure it’s the most “efficiently” coded application!