Zwift i love you but we may need to break up 😢

Frustrated & Sad. Short version zwift crashes/freezes about 30% of my rides….always about 12 miles in. I spent hours troubleshooting….back dated my Intel UHD graphics driver to thanks @Peter_Gross & @Paul_Attard @R_Mook

i have HP envy x360 laptop from 2020 laptop running windows 10 home core i5 8 GB 64bit OS …I still have issues just not as often. I m not a computer guru but i can navigate w/directions. Is there Anything else I can try short of canceling my membership? thank u !!

Have you contacted Zwift support? They may want to look at your log files.

how do i access my log files pls?

What sort of system are you using?

She says this is her system. Should be fine.

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Just follow the prompts to contact support, they will take care of you.

Oh, ugh! And I read that part, too! :man_facepalming:


Hi @Karen_VK

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From what you’ve explained thus far, it seems clear to me that yours is an issue that’s been discussed at length on the Zwift Forums, and it sounds like you’ve already tried unofficial workarounds like rolling back the graphics driver (e.g. like this Zwifter did). Again, that was an unoffical workaround and didn’t seem to fix the issue for everyone who tried that.

If you’d like our tech support team to weigh in, please contact us and provide your log files, Windows Event Viewer (e.g. EVTX) 7-day crash logs, and your computer specs. Our team will be happy to take a look and let you know what we find.

You can contact us here.