Zwift Disappears mid-ride

Using laptop. All was good for about 6 rides. I had a windows update to use Microsoft Edge browser (not sure if just a coincidence)

I’ve tried re-installing after deleting all files relating to Zwift. I’ve made sure video card is up to date and installed Zwift latest update.

It bombs out after differing lengths of time. Some real quick and others after about 5 minutes of riding.

Not sure how to check error logs.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hey Caroline,


You can have a look at this article to find your logs:

There is also a link to support at the end so you can send them in.

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Hi @Caroline_Taylor, welcome to the forums.

Another tool that might be helpful is dropping a log file into to see how your system is handling the graphics, network errors, etc.

Also, welcome @Libby_Behrens!

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Thanks. I’ve emailed Crash log.

Thanks Mike I saved as a text file in Note pad but it doesn’t like it. Am I doing something wrong?

Yeah, you need to use the log file from Zwift.

I got it! Not sure what to do with the info but will have a read through. Thanks.

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Will it tell me if I have a problem?

Sometimes, if your having signal or network errors. If you can post a screen shot we can help.

That looks like more than usual network errors, what about the graphics frame rates, can you post a screen shot of the very top of the report with the system info too?

Those are pretty low frame rates, I suspect the video card is struggling to keep up with Zwift. Maybe @Dave_ZPCMR can suggest as solution, he is a graphics card guru!

Another idea would be to create a meetup with at least one other person/follower (they don’t need to accept) and choose the option where only the meetup is visible, no other Zwifters will show up on the screen. That should improve performance, but you will be all alone. If it still crashes when all by yourself, then it might be a different issue.

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It looks quite happy when I ride alone as it hasn’t disappeared yet after 10 minutes. Sort of defeats the object of Zwift. :rofl: Thanks for helping me with this. Lets see if the graphics card guru can help. Thanks Mike.

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Laptops are very hard to diagnose but it may be overheating and/or becoming unstable under load and crashing the display driver. Make sure you’re always running the laptop on mains power when using Zwift, and use the High Performance modes in the Windows power and Zwift settings menus. Also, check all the fans and vents etc are clear and ventilation to the laptop is as good as it can be. The only other thing to try is to clean install Windows to rule out unknown software issues.

Ultimately Zwift is a 3D game, and though it will run on integrated graphics, it’s far from ideal. Issues like this are far more common on standard laptops because without a dedicated graphics card they’re really not intended for 3D games, even with relatively low end visuals like Zwift. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. For some reason people often don’t like this being pointed out.

If you’re broadly happy with the experience you’re getting (in terms of resolution, detail and frame rate) and would just like a more consistent and reliable platform than you have now, consider running Zwift on a tablet or Apple TV instead. They’re still not exactly great for a 3D game, but they do tend to be better than a normal laptop.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Dave for the information. I’ll try your suggestions and let you know how I get on.

Believe it or not, plugging the power lead in has solved it. :crazy_face: Thanks for all your help.

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I would love your feedback on this, I did a 120km ride and towards the end riders kept disppearing.

while the frame rate does appear to be low the graphics looks great

Completely disappearing along with the riders nearby list? That’s normally a network issue, though some people have reported it happening more frequently recently even with good network. Won’t be to do with your laptop as such.

I agree with you, but Zwift is masterful at deflection, they will blame on user devices and network.