Zwift crashes while launching Zwift on windows 10

Good morning!

I am having issues where Zwift crashes after I log in and hit the ‘let’s go’ button, it stays open for a few seconds, then crashes…

I’ve tried re installing Zwift, and deleting the Zwift file in Documents as this was advised on another thread…
I’ve also checked that Zwift can pass though the firewall…

Laptop meets and exceed most requirements,
Windows 10, recently installed

Any common faults I should look for or any addition info I need to provide?


Disable Video Highlights?

I guess if it crashes before you can get into settings, you can probably try disabling by editing Documents\Zwift\prefs.xml

I’m guessing this 1 would be changed to 0 but haven’t tried it.


@Paul_Alexander1 when you reinstalled, did you do a clean reinstallation, deleting Documents\Zwift folder?

If all else fails, contact support and ask them to analyze the log file. Don’t stop talking to the chat bot until it lets you open a support case.

Hi @Paul_Alexander1, welcome to Zwift Forums!

If crashing happens while you’re launching, some common causes are:

  1. The device is running an outdated game version. Please, verify your PC is running our latest game version 1.58.0 (1.1.125542). If not, follow these steps to update it.

  2. Outdated graphics drivers. We recommend visiting your GPU manufacturer’s website directly to update your drivers. For full details please, check this article.

If you have no updates for your computer and Zwift still crashes, send the Crash Logs to our Zwift support team by following the steps in this article.

good afternoon,

thanks for the reply,
after some tinkering The issue has developed slightly, i can now log into Zwift, but usually around the point that i connect to Bluetooth devices, or just after, the laptop suddenly powers down,

All the graphics drivers are up to date, windows is up to date, and i am running the latest version of Zwift

as requested i have uploaded the latest crash logs