Crash on WIndows 10 after 'let go' window

Yesterday Zwift installed an update, and was working fine. Today Zwift is crashing after clicking the “let go” button. I see the orange window with a lady on the trainer for a few seconds, then all disappears. I unsuccessfully tried

  1. reboot pc
  2. installing new drivers for AMD 480 graphic card and reboot
  3. reinstalling zwift

I created a crash log following the instruction on the webpage, and would like to upload here, but cannot find upload button. :frowning:

Hi @Ciro_Semprebon

Welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about the crashing issue that you’re having. If you could reach out to our support team, you can send them that crash log that you generated. We can use that log to see what’s causing the crash. When you get to the chat bot, just type in that you’re crashing and it should speed you through to send us an email and get it to the correct team.

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