Crashes/Freezes - Windows 10

After the last update, Zwift has been freezing/crashing during a ride and will not recover just about every other ride or so. I’m running Windows 10 and a 2021 Wahoo Kickr.
Is anyone else having these issues? Is there a fix or a new update in the works to correct the issue?

Please list your system specs.

Hi @Harold

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There can be various reasons and causes for the Zwift app crashing during a ride; without more information about your computer, it’s hard to say if your specific situation is related to any known issues.

First things first, I’d suggest that you take a look at the related article, and make sure you’ve ruled out the basic stuff.

If that doesn’t help, it’s best if you contact the Zwift tech support team; we’re happy to take a look at your Zwift setup, your log files, and see what’s going on.

If you contact support, it would be helpful if you could provide us with a brief explanation of how the app crashes, including any pertinent details (e.g. it always crashes when pressing a specific button, when on a specific menu, when riding on a specific route or world, or if the app just seems to crash randomly while riding).

  • To send us EVTX crash logs, see this article.
  • To send us your computer specs, see this article.
  • To send us your log files, see this article.

You can contact us here.