Another crash

It is the second time that your software for windows (updated the software and updated the windows 10 in a pc that I use only for this and which works perfectly) crashes after pressing the save button and loses all data.

Hello @Franco_Brussolo, welcome to the forums. I also use Windows 10 and have not experienced any crashes. What language do you run Zwift in, is it in Spanish by chance?

Edit, I just looked you up in the companion app and looks like you are Italian. So I doubt it is the language setting.

How strong is your network connection?

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Italian language

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The network is stable and I was seeing a lot of other zwifters but I couldn’t rule out that it had a dip when saving. I still wonder why even if there was an outage in the network, because the software does not transmit the data at the next time.

You can drop a log file into to see if there are any network errors or other issues. Do you know how to locate your log file?

No, can you post the path?

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Ya beat me to it!

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Contrary to common belief, not all issues are connectivity related.

Whatever the situation is, Zwift crashing is a bug.

Software can be written to alert the user of abnormal situations (connectivity included), prompt the user for an action to be taken (“Abort , Retry, Fail?”), and gracefully exit.

A crash is never a valid behavior - regardless of cause.

My log.txt was update last time in 27-dic-2020 but missing ride was run in 07-gen-2021.

… there should be 10 logs files there. One of them should match your (crashed) ride.

Sure, but log.txt is the most recent.

Hmm… something doesn’t add up here: unless the launcher is unable to launch the game, every ride (crashed or fully completed) should have a log file.

Your crashed ride was on Jan 7 2021, yet your oldest log file is Dec. 27 2020 . There should have been a log file bearing that date (Jan 7th.)

Seems I am missing something… or just lost.

I’ve a Launcher_log.txt of 07-dic-2021 (day of my ride) but no log file in this directory in 2021.