Zwift Crash On OS X - Lost Data

(Sean Remnant) #1

Seen a few reports , Just wanted to add mine . Finished my ride , Went to the menu , End Ride  , Then app crashed , No saved data and no strava upload :frowning: … Its crashed before but just after the data upload …

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Sean - 

This actually doesn’t sound like a crash, right now the Zwift exit is very abrupt when it closes down, and if there was a connection issue it would explain why your data was not uploaded.

In order to confirm, however, can you please open a support ticket and submit the game log from that ride? You can find it in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder, and it will be the log.txt file, not the launcher_log.txt file with a last modified timestamp that matches the ending time of the ride in question.


(Nathan O'Sullivan ☺) #3

Exact same thing for me on windows half hour ago. “This program has stopped working” window appears, so definitely a crash.

Strava upload missing, zwift site has a “(partial)” entry missing the last few kms

Never happened before so I’m guessing the latest update is buggy

(Michael Stern-NYC) #4

It crashed on me tonight after about 10 miles. 8.4 were uploaded to the website and the sync to Strava never happened. (OS X)

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #5

Hi there, 

I was riding the Pretzel today with no apparent problems encountered.

Managed a couple of PRs and was looking forward to analyse my stats. However, after saving my data I found that 17km where missing on the Zwift log and Strava does not even have the ride listed!!!

I checked my folder and found two .fit files so there must be something there.

Is there a chance to get my data back?

I am also on OS X (IMAC)

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #6


I have now manually uploaded the .fit files I found in my folder. 1 file was for a ride around half the globe (over 2800 miles!!) that is certainly not correct. The other one was the correct file and is now displayed in Strava.

Hope this helps others as well.

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #7

I have also had crashing issues in Windows 10. Mine happened after a short network outage on my side. I got the “program is not responding” Windows popup asking me if I wanted to wait or close. I waited a while in hope, but nothing, so had to close.

I did have a “partial” in Zwift, so my stats counted, and I managed to use the .fit file for Strava, but it is still annoying, as I had to restart and go back to where I was on the road to continue up the hill I was climbing. And I was on for a PB up the hill too!!

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #8

I have done the full PRL yesterday and after saving  I noticed that I have lost nearly 40km on the ride including elevation gain of course.

It appears that when signing up for the prize draw, there is no chance of actually participating as the ride in Zwift will be a DNF!!

The .fit file is complete on Strava (after manual upload) but on the Zwift side it is partial.

It also means one has to do more of an effort to get the in-game awards if the mileage is constantly cut shorter than it should be.


(Jason K) #9

Hey everyone, these could all be different issues caused by different factors, so we’d like you to submit tickets via

Depending on if you’re on a Mac or PC, we’ll need different information from you. Both of them are outlined in our crash article, but there’s a Mac specific crash report that we’ll need if you’re on OSX. Other than that, we’ll need all your log.txt files no matter which OS you’re on.

Thanks all!