Rode an hour . Zwift cashed and lost my ride today

Mac version. I rode for an hour. Five laps on the island this morning. At the end of my ride, I stopped and customized my bike. When I saved the changes, Zwift “stopped unexpectedly”. When I logged back into the game, the progess bar at the top was in the same spot, but my ride data was all gone. I went to and logged in. My ride did not save. Is there a place in my Mac where I can find the crash data and send it directly to you?

I’m not sure about on the Mac’s but, on a pc, your activity .fit files are saved in Documents\Zwift\Activities. You may be lucky and have the .fit file saved in a similar location. I lost internet connectivity whilst riding on Zwift the other day but was able to finish the ride and then later upload the .fit file to Strava (and Garmin Connect).

Documents/Zwift/Activities…same on Mac and PC

Another item that gets posted here about 3-5 times per day. A simple scan of this forum will provide the answer.

Wow. Snide remarks about “3-5 days” and “a simple search”.
Politely providing the location of the crash log (which is not in the Activities folder) would have required the same energy expenditure as your rude and arrogant response. Good thing you don’t work for our shop. I’d fire an employee for talking down to a customer that way. In case you haven’t figured it out, I was looking for a crash log, not the .fit file, and I have found the log files. Why be so unnecessarily rude? Gee.

Art I’m sorry you feel my comment was rude…but those of us that have been on these forums for a few months now are continually seeing the same questions come up again and again and again. It would be nice if new users could take 5 minutes to RTFM by looking through the forums before posting. Many of these questions have been answered repeatedly.

If we’re seeing these same questions over and over again, I’m sure the same repetition is showing up in the support tickets and taking time away from the Zwift staff that might be spent on improving or adding new features to the system.

I’m just another user - same as you. None of us are getting paid to answer your questions, so if you want to fire me go ahead…but to answer your question…if you had looked in that DOCUMENTS/ZWIFT folder I mentioned, there is another folder called LOGS. That’s where you find your log file when reporting crash issues.

@ Greg Gibson - I you feel that way then you shouldn’t waste your time posting anything at all lol, it’s really quite strange.

@Greg - then the forums & website are poorly designed. Customers always follow the path of least resistance. Don’t blame them for it.