Swift crashes after ride -- OSX El Capitan

I’ve only had two rides but after both,  I get the screen offering to upload to Strava and giving me my FTP number… I click ok and boom, crash… 

On the plus side, it actually does save the ride both to Swift and Strava… 

Just reporting a potential bug :slight_smile:

(sorry posted in general by mistake before)

When it crashes, can you click “Report” and then send us the big pile of text it shows you in there? It’ll tell us exactly what crashed and we can often get it fixed asap based on that info.  I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.

Hi John,

Just to make sure, is Zwift actually crashing? The way the app works is once you click to upload to Strava, the upload occurs (behind the scenes) and the app immediately closes. This may give the impression that it’s crashing when it’s really just the app closing. I’m on a Mac and this is what happens to me.

Ok … Maybe it’s as above close=crash … I don’t get any screen at all, it immediately disappears off screen which appears to be a crash… But maybe it’s just closing gracefully – although rather unexpectedly :) 

Indeed the data has uploaded to starva, it’s just an abrupt end. I was expecting a little message like “Upload Complete” or “Would you like to exit” . 

But if it’s expected behaviour then all good and fine.

I have the same ending after uploading to strava on OS X also.  I don’t necessarily want to end zwift.  I feel it should go back to another window before you close out. Yes all you have to do is open it back up and log back in but one more step I don’t want to if it could be fixed.


I agree, I often don’t have time to review the ride stats, as it closes a few seconds after showing the summary information.  Also on OSX El Capitan.

Same issue here, has there been a solution found?