Crashes when saving a ride

(Brian Marsh) #1

Both times I have tried to save a ride, the program crashed.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

Hey Brian it looked like you were trying to log on several times while I was riding. I would see your name show up in the display and see you on the bike when I passed, but I never saw you move. I was looking for some company!

(Brian Marsh) #3

I had to log back in a couple of times as I was trying to see if it would crash everytime I would end a ride. It did. Greg, I clicked on your name and the it showed you parked down in the grass. I thought that was kind of funny.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Hi Brian,

Do you get an actual error message? Or does Zwift just close?

At the moment, Zwift is set to close as soon as you save/discard a ride.


(Steve Remy / Monster Media) #5

Mine is still crashing every time after save.

(Taylor Armstrong-ToSKoS) #6

Same here.  Told it to save and upload to Strava, it crashed.  10 miles logged, Nothing saved.  Not wonderful for my 1st ride on Zwift…

(Christoph Mueller) #7

Same here (Mac OS X client). It uploads all data to starve but after that the app crashes.


(Mike Moles.AOD) #8

Mine does the same… At the end of the ride it terminates as soon as I hit Save+Strava. or hit Save FTP. It has NEVER not done this. Only have had it for 1 week.

(Eric Oshlo) #9

It may seem like it, but it’s not a crash. Zwift automatically shuts down after a ride is saved/uploaded. It’s frustrating and confusing, and has been reported as bad behavior multiple times. Hopefully at some point the Zwift team will change it to require a formal Quit like the vast majority of apps.

(Christian Knudsen) #10

Same here, crashes every time I hit save. Really sucks that my ride data just disappears, and I am left with nothing for Strava :frowning: Windows 8.1

(Paul Allen) #11

The .fit file might be in documents/zwift/activities if you find it there you can upload it to Strava.

(Christian Knudsen) #12

Thanks Paul! It probably is then. Will check for it asap tomorrow morning.

Edit: Found the .fit`s there allright, so my sessions were not in vain! :smiley: Thanks again. Will hook it up to another computer next time to see if Zwift can take care of the Strava-sync on its own…

(New Scot (C) ODZ Euro Decaf lead) #13

Yep - I see a file in my Zwift activities every time it closes down.  It’s the weirdest behaviour (even though presumably designed this way). For me - now way should the app shut down in this way.  It should be perfectly feasible for the app to stay open without being connected to a trainer/pedalling etc so one can see the detail of the ride and so on (IMO)