Crashes on Save

(Ian Montgomery) #1

Zwift continues to crash after clicking the Save button to save the workout. The file .fit file is properly saved.

(Rick Korzekwa) #2

I’ve had this experience as well, so far just once out of five rides. I’ve not had it since I started uploading to Strava.

(Nate Robinson ZTR (C) USAC288972) #3

Yep, still happening to me. Generally of all rides 2 hours or more. It won’t save the individual rides to the Zwift dashboard, but it will however keep the totals shown there accurate.

(Ian Montgomery) #4

Update:  No more crashing on Save!  Unfortunately, Zwift was updated about the same time my video driver, so I can’t be sure which did the trick.  Either way, it’s nice getting a nice clean exit.