Crashing on Saving activity?

Every time I click “Save and sync to strava” after a ride, the app crashes. I’ve tried this both on a 2013 high spec macbook pro, as well as a lower spec macbook air. Both are fully up to date with Yosemite.

The FAQs don’t seem to indicate any problems, and the Log.txt has nothing suspect at the end of it.

Luckily, the data still syncs to Zwift and Strava, but I miss out on all the post game screens, I suspect things like using upgrades and things, I’ve never seen what happens when I change level for example.

Is this a known issue, is there anything else I can try?

Hi Joel,

Zwift exits after you Discard or Save a ride. This is currently how the game is intended to behave.

The same started happening to me yesterday. ( A 1hr 30min ride and then a couple of minutes to test it.)

Not seen it before. Using same PC as usual, so don’t think anything has changed at my end.



Similar issue to me. I’ve lost 8-9minutes on my last ride. Fortunately autosave has worked for the majority of the ride

I’ve only just tried to get Zwift working with my setup and the exact same issue happened to me with my new Mac Book Pro 2015. It has all updates applied and is running the game absolutely fine. When it comes to the I’m Done button and Discard or Save it simply crashes without warning. I’d love to be able to sync to Strava but don’t know how! Logging back in, I can see that it has remembered the 4 miles I rode testing the sensors out. Any help gratefully appreciated! 




Same issue here. Crashes every time I save a ride, sometimes the Strava upload works before the crash, sometimes not.

Same here. First ride on a Surface Pro 3.

Has happened to every time i have used.  Always saves correctly to Strava and i don’t appear to lose any data / workouts, but closes the app down on my Windows 10 machine.

Happens when pressing save on either the iPhone app and on the Laptop itself.

me too, very frustrating having long rides not saving to zwift site.

i am on macbook pro. i am not using phone, i am controlling via laptop keyboard.

it is also not saving to strava, i have to manually do this every time.

Hi James,

I would recommend submitting a support ticket but also including all of your log files from within your Documents\Zwift\Logs directory. There should be information in there as to what is happening.