any mac users still crashing upon save and exit? is there a fix yet?

hi guys, ive noticed a few people mainly mac users crashing upon save and exit to strava,

i am using a macbook pro, i have to manually upload the .fit file to strava everytime, sometimes it saves four files, 3 corrupt (will not upload) and one good one.

i was just wondering if anyone had a fix/ any new info on this?


I use iMac but have no problems (yet) with saving and exiting.

Since I use Zwift i had not one single problem but as I now said it, I will crash soon and my mac is going to explode… ho hum.

It’s crashes ever time after Save, 2013 27" iMac

Mine does this but I thought it was normal behaviour, albeit annoying.

I click to save to Strava and the program just closes.

Mac book pro running the latest OS with updates.

I have a 2013 Macbook Pro that crashes every time I finish my ride then click save & upload to Strava.  3/3 times it has crashed my computer sending it into a black screen for 4-6 hours before it’ll turn on again.  

Tomorrow I’m going to manually upload the files to Strava to see if it helps.

Any suggestions please?

Yep, it crashes upon save on my brand new 2016 MacBook Pro 15" with touch bar.  It saves the data to Strava & Training Peaks, but the application still crashes nonetheless.