Zwift crashing when saving and exiting

Anyone else having problems saving rides at the moment and also auto uploading to linked accounts such as Garmin and Strava?

Since completed the Tour for all stage 3 the other day my Mac and iPhone have been freezing and crashing when I complete a ride and not saving or synching with my connected accounts.

Mac is Airbook 2018 running Catalina 10.15.4
iPhone 11 iOS 13.4.1

had no problems at all until two days ago. No issues during the ride, all data is correct and everything works fine. Its just when I go to save and exit.

Have tried to uninstall and reinstall programme / app on both devices, no difference, I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting Garmin and strata, no difference.

Are we thinking the pure volume of new users is affecting performance etc?

I have the same issue. MacBook Pro 2018 running latest Catalina.

I deleted the app and reinstalled to see if it would help, but it crashed again when saving. By crashing I mean exiting without saving the ride.