Zwift crashing just before saving

Happened twice now after installing the latest update last week. On iPad when I end the ride and go to save the app crashes. I can open again and it recovers the ride and allows me to save but if I had just completed a workout (or part of my training program) it doesn’t recognize that and just saves it as a ride.

End of the world, no, but annoying to not show my completed workouts in my training plan.

Anyone else?

Hi George, I’d be happy to help! I have a couple suggestions that will hopefully releave this issue for you:

  • First be sure that no other apps are running in the background while running Zwift on the iPad, these background apps can be using resources that Zwift needs to run properly.
  • I saw another member with a similar issue and they were able to resolve it by removing some older programs they no longer use.

Give these a shot and let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the suggestions Alex, but I always make sure Zwift is the only app running when I am using it. Also this is a rather new iPad Pro with very few apps installed so its certainly not a lack of computing resources thing. Definitely a glitch in the app.

Exactly the same here. Only happened this week, was working perfectly before. Mac M1.

In 2 separate sessions, the app crashed when hitting ‘end workout’ (didn’t get as far as the ‘save ride’ screen). The associated .fit files look empty to me, and there is still an “” saved locally - not sure if that’s normal?

The activities both exist on my Zwift ‘feed’ (minus the last 10 minutes in both cases, it only recorded 50m and 5s exactly for both) - but no upload to Strava etc.

Same for me here. Running ZWIFT on Intel Mac. Crashes when trying to save the file. Did a complete reinstall but problem appears again. Very annoying! Please fix this.

I found that if I go slowly (wait about 10-15 seconds on the menu screen before hitting end ride) I haven’t had another issue.

Are you Mac guys using Monterey? Because there are known issues with Monterey and Zwift crashes.

HI Steve, yes I am on MacOS Monterey…annoying. Just lost two more rides (could only restore the incompletely) again in the past two days.

Probably related to this - macOS Monterey 12.0.1 Zwift crashing