Zwift crashes at 'end ride'

On Macbook Air M1 - Monterey 12.2

Zwift crashes after pressing ‘end ride’ after workout. Only started this week (first instance 24th Jan).

In 2 separate sessions (24th and 28th), the app crashed when hitting ‘end ride’ (didn’t get as far as the ‘save ride’ screen). The associated .fit files look empty to me, and there is still an “” saved locally - not sure if that’s normal?

The activities both exist in part on my Zwift ‘feed’ (minus the last 10 minutes in both cases, it only recorded 50m and 5s exactly for both) - but no upload to Strava etc.

Hi Mark! Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like your device is well over the minimum specs for Zwift, awesome! Did you happen to have any other apps running at the same time as Zwift during these crashes? If so I’d recommend closing them out before launching Zwift.

If this is not the case or this advice does not help, you may get a possitive result from re-installing Zwift. Make sure to back up any files you’d like to keep like custom workouts before going through these steps.

Let us know how it goes! We look forward to hearing back and assisting you further!

@Alex.W you might want to look into the known problem of Monterey crashes in general.

See macOS Monterey 12.0.1 Zwift crashing