Zwift Mac app crashing on save

For the past few weeks (bug first noticed on 4 March), when ending my ride, the Mac app crashes.

I run Zwift on my Mac (M1 MacBook Air) and Zwift Companion on my iPad. At the end of the ride, I usually end the ride via the ZC screen. At this point, the Mac app just closes and the ride doesn’t show up in my activity feed or sync to Garmin or Strava. I found a sort of workaround by re-opening Zwift on my Mac and then starting a ride before ending it and not saving it. The previous, real ride then appears in my activity feed but often missing the last few KMs.

Tonight, I did a ride but instead of ending it via ZC, I thought I’d try to end it via the Mac app instead. I get the ride report and then get through to the ‘Save’ screen but when I clicked to save my ride, the Mac app crashed as is becoming normal. And then I had to do the workaround again to get my ride showing on my feed minus the last few KMs.

Is this a known bug or is there a fix?