Zwift Crashing Intermittently When Clicking End Ride on MacBook


As the title suggests. Had 3 occasions in the last few weeks (twice the last 3 days) when Zwift has crashed when clicking end ride. Doesn’t save ride but will turn up in activities potentially missing some kms or elevation.

First 2 times the .fit files were corrupted and even FIT file tools couldn’t get them workable to upload to Strava or Garmin. The most recent was missing maybe 0.1 of a km and after using FIT file tools I could upload to starve and had what looked a complete GPS map as I would usually see when uploading.

Am I just unlucky? I ride 1/2 times 6 days a week and in the last 3-4 months of using Zwift have only had the issue in the last few weeks. When I then reopen Zwift it seems the ANT is not picked up until I take it out and out back in or close and re-open Zwift again. I’ve checked the logs which seems fine. Only “drop outs” are before I’ve started riding and devices turns off as not in use yet. Otherwise no freezing, no riders disappearing and reappearing etc so unsure what’s causing it. Have all the permissions allowed for Zwift and other rides save fine with no data loss at all.

Will look to uninstall and then install again which will hopefully resolve it, but wondering if there’s anything I could be missing or if it’s a known issue on MacBooks?

On macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 and Zwift 1.11.1 (65416) if it helps.


Same or similar - in the last two days have done two rides. Both rides, I hit End Ride and the app shuts down. Zwift companion thinks I’m still riding. The ride from yesterday eventually showed up in my activities, but missing data. Also on a MacBook.

I’ve had the same problem with windows 10. Three of my five Tour of Watopia rides failed to save when I hit the save button. Zwift recognised that I did the stages, but did not add the km or elevation to my profile - so I’m down some 1130m in my Everest goal! It will take a long time to get the tron bike at this rate…
The worst thing is Zwift support say they can’t update the elevation stats for me due to technical difficulties. I used to work in IT, and I’m amazed to think they don’t have a piece of code that support can use to go and update a value in their database via a scheduled ‘fix’ run or online under supervision. They were able to remove some bogus badges I was awarded when another glitch occurred - they were gone a day or two after I told them about them.

Crashes are one thing, but not having your time and effort recognised is demotivating.

I ended up uninstalling Zwift and doing a fresh install, fingers crossed but not had further issues. That’s only after a week or so of use as have been commuting outside for a week. Might be worth doing if you haven’t already. Otherwise not sure what could cause it. WiFi hasn’t dropped for me and other sensors aren’t dropping.

I also have this problem on a MacBook. Happened twice this week. If I uninstall Zwift and reinstall will I lose all my all .fit files?

I went in and made a copy of my activities folder to save mine.

Pretty sure all the information is uploaded to Zwift servers so could still see on the website/app.

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I also uninstalled/reinstalled, and it’s been working since. I did nothing to back up data (assuming it was maintained on zwift servers), and I haven’t lost anything.

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@Alex_Matthews1 @Virginia_Kelly
Thanks for the helpful info. I will give it a try.