Not saving ride when finished. iOS

I’m having a bit of trouble with my zwift and iPad. When I’ve done a ride, I go to save it and let it upload to strava and it freezes and doesn’t save. I have to manually get the fit file and then upload it through strava which is a bit of a pest. This has happened on the last 4 rides in concession.

I have the latest iOS on a iPad Pro series 1 with good internet speed and signal.

Anyone help fix this bug?

Hey Matt, can you try reinstalling Zwift on your iPad from the App Store? Then try riding and uploading again.


Done that and it seems to have worked. Thank you!

Take it back, it’s doing it again this morning. Having to go to manual uploading through the website with the fit file. Pain.

Hi Matt, did you manage to resolve this as I am having the same issues now.
Any help would be appreciated.


As it happens I sorted it a week ago and has been fine since. Turned out it was to do with the WiFi extender I was using. Had a great signal from the extender but a very weak signal from my router that was just in range so the iPad was connecting to the weaker signal of its own accord but it wasn’t uploading due to it being very weak. I have now set my iPad to ignore the router and just use the extender and it’s been fine. Hope this helps.