Not saving ride when finished. iOS

(Matt Newey) #1

I’m having a bit of trouble with my zwift and iPad. When I’ve done a ride, I go to save it and let it upload to strava and it freezes and doesn’t save. I have to manually get the fit file and then upload it through strava which is a bit of a pest. This has happened on the last 4 rides in concession.

I have the latest iOS on a iPad Pro series 1 with good internet speed and signal.

Anyone help fix this bug?

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Matt, can you try reinstalling Zwift on your iPad from the App Store? Then try riding and uploading again.

(Matt Newey) #3


Done that and it seems to have worked. Thank you!

(Matt Newey) #4

Take it back, it’s doing it again this morning. Having to go to manual uploading through the website with the fit file. Pain.