iOS images not uploading to zwift

Hello all,

Hopefully someone can help me, I am using Zwift on my iPad and it is fully up to date with firmware (although there is another one about to drop).

The issue I am having is the if I take images whilst on my ride these do not sync to Strava but if I don’t take an image and the app automatically takes an images it works perfectly fine. All images were selected correctly and had a status of added.

If needed I can take some screenshots of my Zwift companion app and Strava to share with you all.

Also, today on the TdZ I took an image and when I finished the ride I pressed the icon to take off the data but the image turned black and when this saved it was also black - is this a known fault??

Kind regards and any help is greatly appreciated


Hello all,

Is there any suggestion to this issue?

Just for confirmation, I am on the latest firmware for for Zwift on iPad (ios) and Zwift companion app on iPhone (ios).

As per the images below, upon finishing my ride where I have the option to chose the images I want to save and sync with Strava (in my case), if I turn off the data overlay then the whole image turns black but if I leave on the overlay then the image is fine.

The other issue I am having is that these images do not sync with Strava, I have waited for over 30mins but they never sync so I have to manually save them onto the Strava activity but I can confirm that when reviewing the activity on the companion app that they are linked and saved to the activity.

I have downloaded the latest version of Zwift and it is still not working properly. It still doesn’t post my images to Zwift and pressing the data icon on the image just makes it a blank image and not removing the data hub from the image.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Hey Daniel … by chance have you got Strava Settings set to disable Zwift enhanced data? Go to > Settings > Partner Integration (on phone, not web). I dont have IOS devices but it could be that setting playing up with both photo problems you mention so worth switching the current setting to see what changes (it may solve one of those photo upload probs at least!)

The Black photos is reported problem going back quite a while but I’ve not seen Zwift acknowledgement - one of many examples. Could be worth opening a support ticket directly to get the latest on that.