HUDless image turns black when uploading images iOS

I believe this is just an iOS issue as when I ride on a mac it does not happen. When I ride on an iPad this has been happening since update 1.16. When I click the little image icon in the corner of an image, instead of removing the HUD, it makes the image black. The image shows up as black in both the preview and image on companion. This is no longer an issue for me Here is a screenshot of what happens:

I still experience this issue. It started suddenly (v1.16 ?) and the problem is still there in 1.19.0 on my iPad. Clicking on the green icon in the top right corner of the photo preview makes the image black. Clicking again on it and the photo reappears. All software/ios is up to date and Zwift has been deleted and reinstalled.

Same thing still happens to me on slower devices(older iPad does this for me, but newer one doesn’t).

I am using an oldish iPad (5th generation, 2017) with A9 processor. Anyway, I can live with that. Everything else works fine on my iPad.

Same on the newest iPad Pro 12,9” M1 1 TB. Without UI the pictures are black.