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Hi All

Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I cannot find it, how do I get the HUD display included in pictures I take via the companion app and then onto strava?

It seemed to work fine a few months ago and now it doesn’t appear and I just get a clean image.

This happens for both normal ride and when I complete a normal ride and workout session… Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have also tried selected/deselected the green imagine button but it just uploads a black image.

Thanks for responding Dan, however when I do click on the green icon button on the saved picture to include the HUD the picture turns black… When I upload it uploads to strava just as a black picture… I really have no idea why this is happening…i use the companion app to take the pic.

Well, in that case, I have nothing. . . :slight_smile: Hope you find a solution.

Here’s a thread from last year - no solutions but maybe following up on that may yield some results given Zwift staff were active on it.

EDIT - I do know a few people here have varying picture problems including black pictures so it is likely that its still a bug. Also, interesting to note that it was working for Harry and then it wasnt. Do you recall what changed in those days between working/not-working (if anything)?

Thanks all for feedback, noted there was some issues over the last year with people commenting on picture issues.

I can’t rmemeber anything changing on my system, use the same laptop via companion app taking pictures so really not sure what the answer is.

Thanks all

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