Black Screen Only for HUD Screenshots


Apologies if there is a thread elsewhere that discusses this - the ones I could find have been closed since the guest world update. Running latest rev of Zwift on Win10 Pro (Surface Pro 4).

After each ride, I am getting two pictures for each screenshot one with no HUD and one, that as far as I can tell, is supposed to include the HUD. However, the one with the HUD is entirely black with no imagery. The clean one is fine. When I take screenshots manually using the Android companion app, the same happens - I get two screenshots, one clean (no HUD) and one that is completely black.

I would like to be able to get the screenshots with the HUD if possible. I have not yet replicated this behaviour on other device running Zwift.


HI Jeremy
I have just joined the forum. I have been having the exact same issue since 8th February - prior to that date any screenshots taken via my Windows 10 laptop had a ‘Clean’ version and a black one. When the ride uploads to my Strava account there is simply a black square!

I have had several emails back and forth with the Zwift support team but still no resolution to the issue. Did you ever get your issue resolved.



Sorry for the extremely slow reply john. What I discovered was that I had my laptop connected via HDMI to an external monitor. When I set the display to duplicate on both the laptop and external monitor, I was getting the clean version and the black one. When I set the laptop to external display only, everything worked correctly. Now I’m getting both versions as I’m supposed to.

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HI Jeremy, thanks for getting back to me. I’m a bit of a technophobe, where can I find the ‘display’ settings?

Hi John,

Without knowing too much about your setup, if you’re using a Windows 10 laptop and an external monitor as I am, then you can hit “Windows key” + P to bring up options for how to handle the external display. Then you would select “second screen only” as opposed
to the other options that would include ‘extend’ and ‘duplicate’.

It’s worth noting that I have also found that if I have my settings on ‘second screen only’, I need to actually physically disconnect my external monitor prior to launching zwift, allow it to get through the login process and then plug in the external monitor
otherwise I get all kinds of resolution issues. That could be because of my external monitor however.

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I’m on Windows 10, so I’ll give that a go next time. Thanks

Have you tried running in windowed mode and then use the “borderlessgaming” program to simulate full screen and to force it to your desired screen.

Just to update any users, the fix suggested by Jeremy works.

Many thanks