Black photos - Zwift Companion (all on phone black, some on laptop visible)

See there are other previous threads on this but nothing to suggest a resolution. Took photos on Zwift Companion app, running Zwift on a Microsoft Surface Go with a TV running duplicate screen
Every photo on the phone is black.
Every ‘clean’ photo on the laptop is fine, all others are black.

I did find other photos both clean and with the various maps and boxes on my Surface from previous rides, probably taken directly on the Surface by accident.

It seems weird I get some photos and not others.

I’m having the exact same problem. I’m using a Microsoft Surface Pro3 with my TV attached via HDMI cable. My phone is a Samsung s10+.
If I look at my activities in the companion app most of the photos are totally black. Prior to today I was just letting zwift take the default photo. Today I tried setting it so it would only use photos I took. I took a few photos during my ride today and they posted as totally black. The photos in my phone were also black. The photos in my Zwift directory on my PC were a mix of actual photos and black ones. It seemed that there was two photos per file name. The difference was one had ‘clean’ added to the end of it. The clean files were actual photos. The non clean ones were all black
In my activities, I do have a few that the photos came out properly. I think for those rides I was connected to the TV via miracast. The miracast connection didn’t always work so I switched to the HDMI cable.
I ordered a wireless display adapter from Microsoft. When it gets here I’ll give it a try to see if it corrects the problem.
If anyone has a solution it would be greatly appreciated

Sounds exact same as my issue.

I have noticed when I plug in my TV everything on the desktop stays up apart from Zwift which disappears. I have to minimise and maximise Zwift to get it to display.

Anyone else experiencing this, any solutions out there?

did you try alternating between windowed and fullscreen mode. Maybe one of them fix your problem.

Hello Alex, did you get to solve the issue? I’m new to Zwift and am having the same problem :frowning:
Any inputs wpuld be truly appreciated!

Nope, long ditched Zwift, mainly due to not being fussed about visuals and being able to train via Garmin