Black photos

every photo that I take on zwift (using companion app) is completely black.  the same photo that gets saved on my laptop is also black.  I believe this is a known issue but it does not appear to have been fixed.

can anyone help?

I am not using a duplicate screen or anything.  I used my laptop and then the companion app for messaging, etc.

the only pic I get is an automatic one from zwift which seems to attach to my strava account





Hi Andrew,

We have seen this kind of behavior before but it generally involves multiple screens. With this kind of issue it is usually best to get a detailed account of your specific set-up and the location in game when the screenshot was taken. If you want, you can create a support ticket to do this, or just post it here and I can review. 



Cheers.  My specific set up is:

  • HP laptop (plugged into mains power always)

  • ANT+ connection for trainer, HRM, cadence (using USB extension lead) - so do not use BLE

  • Kickr Snap trainer

  • Use wifi to connect to internet to run zwift as trainer in garage (no problems connecting)

  • mobile phone is iphone 6, all up to date IOS wise, using wifi too

Use companion app to message, change view, give ride ons etc. Usually have app running when i login into Zwift on PC; somtimes i open up app afterwards.  So, tonight I did a workout ride (CLS over and under) and using companion took some photos.  All black.  Here is just one of them, saved into the “my pictures” zwift folder on the pc.   App never asks if iphone can access zwift photos or vice versa.

No double screens used, nor i am connecting laptop to TV via HDMI (though i am planning to do this in next couple of months).




I have created a CS ticket for you so that we can get some files and other data from you. 

ok.  let me know what you need from me.  i am planning to do a team CLS ride tonight 18:50 UK time, and i will try to take some pics using the app again.  there will be no set up changes either FYI

I’m getting two of the “clean” shot, one normal and one darker

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